The Prairie Mills
Golden, Illinois


This photo shows a set of millstones of the Prairie Mill.

Each set of millstones consist of a "bed stone" and a "runner stone."  The bed stone remains stationary on the mill floor.  The runner stone is supported above the bedstone and spins.  The "rhynd" is a piece of iron inserted in the center of the runner stone that carries it during milling.

These millstones are made of "cullin stone," a type of volcanic rock quarried from the Eifel Mountains of Southwestern Germany.  Each stone weighs around 2500 pounds.

Each stone has a pattern of cuts chipped into the surface.  This allows the grain and flour to naturally flow from the center of the stone to the outside where it is brushed into the mealchute for collection.

The millwright used the stone crane to handle millstones for maintenance.

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