The Prairie Mills

Golden, Illinois

The Golden Historical Society

Formed in 1986, the Golden Historical Society is a group of volunteers dedicated to restoring and preserving the Prairie Mills Windmill.  Our mission is “to secure the necessary funding and build the necessary community support which will enable Golden to achieve its goal of restoring the Windmill to functioning capacity. We will create a viable tourism environment which will sustain the Windmill and related businesses in the surrounding area


The Society was instrumental in saving the Prairie Mills Windmill from being sold and moved to another community.  They conducted a fund drive, purchased the Prairie Mills Windmill, established a general artifacts museum and developed plans to restore the mill.


In 1988 the Society also purchased the Emminga Bank Building in Golden.  The building was renovated with the help of an Illinois Historic Preservation Agency grant and housed a Railroad Museum until the spring of 2000.


In 1994 the Society purchased the former bowling alley, an attachment to the windmill building structure.  This facility is now a large banquet hall for fundraisers and community events.


The Society is membership-based organization and is led by a volunteer board of directors.  The Society's annual meeting is normally held on the second Monday of April each year.


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