The Prairie Mills

Golden, Illinois

2018 Windmill Follies

Join us for an annual Golden tradition!  The Windmill Follies features a three-course marinated pork loin dinner between acts of a live comedy performance featuring local talent.


Great food, great fun!  This is an ideal outing for church or other social groups.


PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE and COSTChoose from five performances in 2018:


     March 16-17               $22/person.
     March 23-24               Doors open at 5:30, dinner at 6:30, the play begins at 7:00


     March 18 (Matinee)   $10/person:  No meal is provided for the matinee
                                        Doors open at 1:00, the play begins at 1:30


RESERVATIONS:  Contact Robin Ideus at 217-696-2467 to reserve your seat.

Advance reservations are required and paid in advance to the mailing address below:


      Windmill Follies                                  This year’s feature is
Robin Ideus
300 S Park St
      Golden IL  62339-1022


Make checks payable to
“Golden Historical Society”

It’s a typical evening in the local doctor’s office and the reception is packed full to the brim with the its share of typical (and atypical) patients.


There’s the heavily pregnant lady, demanding Nutella and cantaloupes, her flustered fiance, the seventy seven year old guy who just wants to find the bathroom, the suburban housewife and of course, the local oddball, Tom, who has made it his duty to hit on the air headed receptionist.


There’s only one thing missing and that’s “Cartwright,” the next patient on the doctor’s list. Company policy dictates that the doctor has to wait for any patient that is running late for up to an hour. And so the doctor waits… and waits… and waits... as does everybody else stuck behind him in the queue.


Tensions and frustrations run high in this off beat comedy.

Christopher Cartwright is a playwright, actor, director, drummer, coffee connoisseur, public relations enthusiast, radio DJ, avid concert-goer, and a proud Minnesota native.


He loves writing especially for the budding theatre artists. His plays have been read and produced from South Dakota to South Carolina to South Africa and everywhere in between.  Awaiting Patients was published by Off The Wall Plays in 2016,and has since seen success in high schools and community theatres all over the world.


Aside from playwriting, he studies Communications and Theatre Art at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. He is a public relations & marketing manager for the theatre department, is on the executive teams for the Concordia On-Air television program and KORD Radio, and sings with the Concordia Chapel Choir.


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Awaiting Patients

By Christopher Cartwright


Plus two other skits, “Doctor, Doctor” and  “Just a Cold!”