The Prairie Mills

Golden, Illinois

Brick Order Form

Be a lasting part of the Prairie Mills windmill restoration!  Purchase a personalized brick, tree or other landscaping plants for yourself or a loved one.  All bricks will be placed in a memorial park just South of the windmill and along walkways.


For more information, contact Joan Tenhouse at 217-696-4859 or via e-mail


Please complete and return the order form below.  Make checks payable to the Golden Historical Society.  Order only one brick per order form.


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___ Black Granite Bench

___ 12"x12” Granite Brick

___ 8" Square Granite Brick

___ 4"x8" Granite Brick







Use the grid above to write your message:

  - Only one letter, number or punctuation mark per space.

  - 12 characters maximum per line, including spacing and punctuation

  - Maximum number of lines (4”x8” bricks):  3 lines

  - Maximum number of lines (square bricks):  6 lines


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Send completed form and check (payable to the Golden Historical Society) to:


Joan Tenhouse

Attn:  Memorial Park

404 S Park St

Golden IL  62339-1052

Thanks for supporting
the Prairie Mills Windmill!

Yes, I'd like to be a part of the windmill memorial park!